Tax Commissioner proposes new software for online payments

City council proposes new software for online payments

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - For residents waiting at the tax office to pay fees, those long lines could be eliminated.

Tax commissioner Lula Huff says the transition can happen with a software upgrade called Oasis.

Huff laid out the plan to city leaders on Tuesday. It consists of installing a $4.5 million upgrade that would allow residents to pay their fees online with the option of mailing in checks or paying in person. There are also other benefits to the new software.

"You can now have 24 hour a day access to your real property data that we have in our system by simply going to the internet and pulling it up," Huff explained. "It's going to be accurate, it's going to be timely. As soon as I put it in, you've got it available to you. So that's terrific for us."

Columbus council did not take a vote on the new software today; they plan to hold a work session next Tuesday to hash out the details and timeline for installing and assessing the city's current hardware.

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