Dumping sitting water could wash out mosquitoes

Dumping sitting water could wash out mosquitoes

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Nine days into September, we've already surpassed our monthly rain average, putting mosquito experts around the Chattahoochee Valley on high alert for standing water for the next few weeks. And they say getting a handle on the blood suckers is a collaborative effort.

"Anytime, in this climate, that you've got water that stands for more than seven days you've got the potential for mosquitoes to breed in that waste," explains Ed Saidla, District Manager for the Columbus Health Department.

Saidla says these conditions create the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes, and exterminators aim to drastically reduce their numbers during the peak mosquitoes season of March through October. Saidla says no matter where the problem stems from -- you and your family can be a part of the solution.

He adds, "Because obviously it's much easier to control mosquitoes than to have lots of adult mosquitoes flying around biting you and biting your neighbors."

While an exterminator with Southern Lawns says service requests have increased with the recent rain, this year's mosquito season has not been as active as years past.

Dusty Sharpe says, "actually last year was one of our wettest seasons in 20 something years. So yea, the mosquito activity was at an all time high at that point. They're still around now, but not as prevalent."

Sharpe assures that wherever there is dampness or water there is the potential for mosquitoes and offers these tips to help you swat out the pests.

"Make sure there is no standing water on the property," He said. "That would definitely cut back on those. Make sure the gutters are clean. Remove any debris from around the house , you know, limbs, weeds, things like that. They kind of target that area, mosquitoes."

The Columbus Health Department suggests, if you are keeping standing water in a water conservation effort, to change water every five to seven days and look into purchasing some sort of mosquito insecticide from a local lawn and garden store.

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