CSU professor discusses President’s plan of action against ISIS

CSU professor discusses President’s plan of action against ISIS

(WTVM) - President Obama will lay out his strategy to combat the ISIS terror threat Wednesday night. He is expected to discuss the expansion of U.S. air forces in Iraq, targeting the brutal Sunni militants.

News Leader 9's Roslyn Giles spoke to a CSU professor on the impending crisis. 

The terrorist group ISIS has taken over large portions of Iraq and Syria.  In the Sunni militants' efforts to create a "caliphate" or Islamic state, it has left a trail of brutality – slaughtering men, women, and children, and two U.S. journalists.

Now the President is on the offense, and CSU political science professor Frederick Gordon says dealing with the unknown is a big problem in fighting the battle.

"We may be about trying to arm some of the rebel forces, but or an attempt to do so, but there's questions about that, on one hand who are these rebel groups and are they connected to other dangerous groups like Al Qaeda?" Dr. Gordon said.

While the U.S. continues launching more than 150 airstrikes on ISIS strongholds, almost two-thirds of respondents in a New Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll believe it is in the nation's interest to confront the group, known as ISIS and as ISIL, which has swept through Syria and northern Iraq.

Only 13 percent said action wasn't in the national interest.

"You don't necessarily know if that's going to achieve the desired effect," Dr. Gordon said. "I think at this point, air support is probably the most important perspective."

Despite a call from some in Congress, a vote on military action against ISIS is not likely any time soon.

Still, Republicans say they know what they want to hear.

Dr. Gordon says other concerns America needs to be concerned with has it moves forward, is gaining allies and how its actions will affect the Assad regime.

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