Auburn city officials urge citizens this to Travel with Care

Auburn city officials urge citizens this to Travel with Care

AUBURN, AL (WTVM) - Whether you are walking, driving or cycling various laws and rules of the road pertain to you.

Auburn's annual Travel with Care campaign encourages courtesy between all modes of transportation and aims to educate the public on key safety issues.

"We've all had the driver's test, we've all had the classes. There is really no earth breaking material, but if we can just reinforce what people already know and bring that to the forefront of their attention while they are driving, we'll all be safer," explains Captain Tommy Carswell of the Auburn Police Division.

For eight years the city, Auburn University, Auburn Police and the Lee County Sheriff's Office has hosted the campaign and its efforts seem to be working.

According to authorities, since 2008 traffic accidents have decreased by 75 percent and there were no fatalities within the city limits last year.

"We are concerned about texting and driving and any other distraction. Just as well as texting and driving is texting and walking, or cycling with earphones, anything that can be a distraction as to someone's lack of safety," says Carswell.

Each day this week, stations will be set up around town, educating residents on issues such as nighttime visibility, jaywalking and proper passing of buses and bicycles.

"We hear a lot of statistics about pedestrians in crosswalks, getting hit by cars or a lot of people running at night in black clothing and it is really dangerous," explains Travel with Care volunteer, Luana Ozelim.

Also, taking a ten question quiz on an iPad will earn you free giveaways, Items essential in a town that is so pedestrian friendly.

"There are a lot of biking accidents here just with pedestrians, so any awareness is good for the community," says AU student, Mary Michaels.

"The way people are moving at high paces and coming from a country where people don't move at this speed  inside the city," says Auburn resident, Pratik Prasadshiva, "It is imperative for people to know about the safety and follow the rules or someone could get killed."

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