Shaw high school host Raiders to Graduate program

Shaw high school host Raiders to Graduate program

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Shaw High School, a partner in education with WTVM News Leader 9, is working to make sure students are committed to graduating.

Thursday night, Sept. 18, they held their Raiders to Graduate program for freshmen and juniors. For the junior ceremony, each student was presented a class ring by their parents.

Shaw high school's principal says this tradition is important for the education of students.

"The ring ceremony is a tradition that started at WestPoint in 1835, and it just symbolized your love for your school, it symbolized your commitment to graduate and it symbolizes that you will always be a part of the raider nation," explains Michael Barden, Shaw High School principal.

In the event held for freshmen, principal Barden shook the hands of all 350 freshmen. Each freshman also received a personalized commitment certificate similar to a high school diploma to commemorate their pledge to graduate in May 2018.

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