Catapult Academy of MCSD accepting applications

(WTVM) - If you or someone you know age 16 to 20 has dropped out of school, get back on the road to success, pick up where you dropped off and earn your Muscogee County School District high school diploma at the Catapult Academy.

Catapult Academy is accepting applications for potential students now, and tuition is free. The deadline to register is Wednesday, Oct. 1.

You must be a resident of Muscogee County, supply a valid government issued photo ID, a valid birth certificate/social security card and not be enrolled as a current MCSD student.

"I recommended the program because I think it is important to assist every student in reaching their potential, which includes those students who have dropped out of our Muscogee County schools," said Superintendent David F. Lewis. "Catapult Academy is not an adult education program. It is not a GED program. Students are interviewed and are approved to enroll in Catapult Academy to earn their required high school credits and complete required tests successfully to earn their MCSD high school diploma. Many of our students who dropped out were already at risk of not earning their diploma with their graduation cohort."

The MCSD graduation rate is 72.8%, which surpassed the state graduation rate 71.5%.

Catapult Academy offers another opportunity to help at risk students who have already dropped out as well as those who are at risk of not earning their high school diploma with their graduation cohort. Students who meet all the requirements, earn the required credits and pass the required tests earn the high school diploma from the school where he or she dropped out.

In addition, each of the students may participate in the graduation ceremony for his or her school.

Catapult Academy utilizes a blended learning model with wraparound support. The blended learning model includes three modes of instructional delivery: individualized instruction, small group instruction, and group activities.

Core course instruction is provided in four target areas:

Math and English Intervention

College and Career Counseling

Life Skills Training

Test Readiness (End-of-Course Exams, ACT, SAT)

Wraparound support such as coaching for workforce readiness, completing college applications, and one-on-one mentoring is provided by an onsite counselor.

For more information, e-mail, call 1-855-500- 3475 or register onsite at Catapult Academy of MCSD, 3835 Forrest Road in Columbus.

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