Be There: Catapult Academy helps dropouts graduate

Be There: Catapult Academy helps dropouts graduate

(WTVM) - Recent dropouts in the Muscogee County School District can now get back to the books and graduate.  Catapult Academy is partnering with the district to help move students forward.

News Leader 9's Roslyn Giles tells you how it works in this week's Be There.

Meet Jasmine Foster. Two years ago, she dropped out of school.

"I had all my credits; I was just missing one part," Foster explained. "So, I just said forget it; I just stopped."

For Jasmine, the decision to quit school came after she failed the graduation exam six times. She was only one point away.

"Two years later I had a child and I said, I'm tired of living from paycheck to paycheck and I've got to do better for my baby," Foster said.

That window of opportunity came when Jasmine heard about Catapult Academy.

"It was a wakeup call really, like a calling from God," she said.

Jasmine met the age requirement of 16 to 20 years old and all valid forms of ID. Now, she's ready to start the online classes at Edgewood Student Services Center on Forrest Road.

"We file for your transcript," said Travis Lockhart, enrollment coordinator for Catapult Academy. "We call your last school to get your grade and we go from there."

Catapult allows students to pick up where they left off when leaving school.

"Each student will have a curriculum that curtailed to what they may need," explained Jimmy King, program supervisor for Catapult Academy.

Jasmine says she's ready to start and plans to continue her education to become a physical therapist.

The program is free and offers virtual online morning and afternoon classes at Edgewood Student Services Building on Forrest Road.

The neat thing is students who complete the program will get to walk across the stage and receive their diploma, not a GED, during their schools' ceremony.

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