Most Wanted: McDonald’s car theft

Most Wanted: McDonald’s car theft

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - A quick trip into a local McDonald's restaurant ended with one woman's car stolen and a suspect on the run.

News Leader 9's Semone Doughton has all the details in this week's Most Wanted.

The McDonald's restaurant on Manchester Expressway became the scene of a crime on September 7 when an 84-year old customer entered the restaurant and ordered a meal, but accidentally left the key to her car on the counter.

Standing in line behind the senior citizen was a man who police say took the key to her car and then took off.

"When she was done eating she realized that her car was gone," said Corporal Deborah Whitley with the Columbus Police Department. "She called police and police and her viewed the surveillance video and it showed a black male picking up the key and walking outside and taking the vehicle."

According to Cpl. Whitley, the suspect rode to the restaurant on a red bicycle, which is currently in police custody.

So far police have not been able to locate this "theft by taking" suspect but with your help they could catch him sooner than later.

"He knew exactly who that car belonged to," Cpl. Whitley said. "He was right behind her in line. It didn't take him long to figure out which vehicle it was, to get into the vehicle and leave in it."

So help police put the brakes on this blatant car thief and put him where he can't ride off into the sunset anytime soon.

If you know anything about this crime or the whereabouts of the suspect call the local Crime Stoppers at (706) 653-3188. You can also send in a tip by logging onto  

Remember, there is a reward offered for information that will lead to an arrest, and your identity will remain anonymous

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