WTVM 9/26/14 Editorial: Teens tried as adults in court

WTVM 9/26/14 Editorial: Teens tried as adults in court

(WTVM) - Three teenage boys are behind bars in Phenix City, charged with attempted murder in connection with the death of another teen, Tyrelle Kynard.

One of the three teens is Tyrelle's first cousin.  The three boys will now face the court system as adults, because in Alabama, teens charged in a felony -- like attempted murder -- can be tried as adults.

Police say the teens were firing guns recklessly.

Now four teen's lives are damaged, no matter how the legal system plays out or what the eventual verdicts will be.

News Leader 9 covers too many cases like this, and it once again should makes us all pause to reflect on what we can all do to prevent the negative influences that lead to violence and death.

There is no real answer that applies in every case, but that should never stop us from asking why it happens.

At a time of year when many young males are playing football, or studying to enter college, we know there is a lot to be proud of when we look at young people today.

The vast majority stay on the straight and narrow path. Most parents take time to teach them right from wrong and the consequences of a moment of bad judgment.

When a few teenagers find themselves in jail, they deserve a vigorous defense, especially when adult charges threaten to brand them for life.

We report on these cases because they are unusual.... and to remind ourselves that it doesn't have to be this way.

All families need to invest the time, care and interest and do it consistently as they grow, to make sure their teenage boys end up as responsible men.

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