Desmonte Leonard capital murder trial begins

AUBURN, AL (WTVM) - The capital murder trial against Desmonte Leonard began Friday with opening statements.

Leonard is accused of killing three people and wounding three others at a party in Auburn in 2012.

However, Leonard says he was defending himself, and we're told he'll be using the Stand Your Ground Law as his defense.

Leonard should be found not guilty of capital murder, attempted murder and assault under Alabama's Stand Your Ground Law.

The law says a person can use fatal force to defend themselves if they feel like their life is in danger.

The defense maintains Leonard was on the ground and quote "under attack" and feared for his life when he fired.

The prosecution says Leonard did not act in self defense. They say Leonard and his friends got into a verbal argument with one of the victims in this case, DeAngelo Benton, inside the apartment's club house.

The DA says when Benton's friends took him outside to calm him down, the defendant and his friends followed the fight turned physical.

The DA says Leonard fired into the group as four other men were fighting.

The prosecution says after the shots were fired, Leonard fled and dumped the 40 caliber semi-automatic used in the shooting on the side of College Street, where it was recovered.

The prosecution began calling witnesses in the case late Friday afternoon, beginning with Auburn police officers, who were first responders the night of the shooting.

The judge in the case will only let us film opening statements and closing arguments, we are not allowed to record testimony.

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