Aflac promotes first African American woman to president

Teresa White (Photo courtesy of Aflac)
Teresa White (Photo courtesy of Aflac)

(WTVM) - Aflac has announced changes for two key executives as part of its ongoing U.S. Operations strategy.

Teresa L. White has been named president of Aflac U.S. operations, which includes responsibility for Aflac Group operations in Columbia, S.C.

White is the first African American woman to be promoted to this position within Aflac.

White will continue to report to Kenneth S. Janke, deputy chief financial officer and executive vice president of Aflac Incorporated.

Janke, formerly president of Aflac U.S., is returning full time to the deputy CFO role, assuming additional responsibilities to include the financial reporting and actuarial functions. He is also responsible for the Company's strategy function and continues to report to Kriss Cloninger III.

"Teresa has performed exceptionally well as chief operating officer and continues to be respected as a top professional, both internally and externally," said Dan Amos, chief executive officer. "Teresa has an outstanding track record for serving our policyholders, employees, agents and shareholders. She is ideally suited to lead U.S. Operations."

"Our realignment in 2013 has successfully accomplished what it was designed to do, which was in part to grow our leadership bench, and that coupled with Ken and Teresa's outstanding performance is why we are able to make these announcements today," Amos added. "I am pleased with what Ken has accomplished while serving as both deputy chief financial officer and president of U.S. operations in terms of his development into an operational CFO candidate, and while we fully expect Kriss to be with us for several years, having Ken focus on these additional areas of responsibility will only make us stronger going forward."

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