The Technology Town Hall

The Technology Town Hall

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Government and business leaders gathered today in Columbus to discuss the future of technology within the Columbus community.

The technology town hall was organized by the technology association of Georgia, who used the gathering as a forum to talk about policies and ways to help technology grow in Georgia.

Many cities across the state, like Athens and metro Atlanta, are leading the way in the technology industry to unite Georgia's technology community to be more innovative and better connected

"Columbus is a very technology based community. We depend on it for a number of jobs and it's an opportunity for us particularly the initiative they were talking about improving the education in our k-12 curriculums," says Debbie Buckner, a Georgia State representative.

The technology town hall serves more than 25,000 members throughout the state and hosts over 200 events each year focusing on helping science, technology, engineering and math education initiatives.

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