Desmonte Leonard trial Day 3: Prosecution calls witnesses to the stand

Desmonte Leonard trial Day 3: Prosecution calls witnesses to the stand

AUBURN, AL (WTVM) - The prosecution called witnesses to the stand in the third full day of testimony in the Desmonte Leonard capital murder trial.

On Wednesday, the jury heard a description of the crime scene in detail, where three men were shot and killed and three more were injured.

The jury saw photos of the breezeway near the office of the University Heights apartment complex, which turned into a crime scene that night in June 2012.

The defense says Desmonete Leonard fired in self defense as he was under attack and feared for his life. However, the jury heard the prosecution's star witness, who testified Leonard stated he was going to kill people during the argument.

Turquorius Vines told the jury he saw Leonard with a gun, standing and leaning against a wall when he  heard Leonard tell his friend to "Get the car cranked up, we fixing to kill some (racial slur) and get back to the Gump." The Gump means Montgomery, where Leonard and his friends lived.

Witnesses testified this deadly shooting began when DeAngelo Benton and Desmonte Leonard gave each other dirty looks and had words over a girl.

A friend of the defendant, Christopher Traywick, testified he heard Benton yell to Leonard "you dead, you dead, you ain't going to make it out of Auburn."

The jury has heard testimony from witnesses that both groups in the argument that night had threatened each other before the shooting.

The defense has said they do not know if Leonard will take the stand, and they are considering all their options. We do expect the state will rest their case Thursday or Friday, which is when the defense will have their turn.

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