Machine lets you make assault rifles at home

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - The 3D machine connects to a computer and lets gun lovers complete the lower receiver for the AR-15 rifle without a background check or serial number.

This makes the deadly weapons untraceable, and it's a process that raises concerns for law makers and gun enthusiasts.

State Representative, Carolyn Hugley, explains "when you think about the school shootings and the things like that have happened, those kinds of weapons were the weapons that were used in those incidents. So, that causes me great concern."

Hugley says the idea of untraceable assault rifles worries her. Texas based non-profit organization, Defense Distributed, revealed plans for the Ghost Gunner - a machine that will automatically assemble unserialized firearms at home.

"What I can understand about it is it's a company that has put out a receiver that is 80 percent unfinished and they put out a C-N-C machine that you can finish the fine cuts on the lower receivers," adds Bob Bessinger, General Manager of Shooters Columbus.

Taking a receiver similar to this one and finishing it up, making it completely legal under federal law, not to have a serial number.

Bessinger says "they still have to buy everything else on that rifle before they can put it together and utilize it."

Regardless of your criminal history or background, for around $1,500, you could have access to the receiver of the rifle used in mass shootings like Sandy Hook and Columbine. It's a realization that Representative Hugley says previous gun legislations did not include.

Hugley says "There was never a discussion about a whole new industry, or whole new group of people who would have these semi-automatic guns and nobody knows the gun are even in our community."

Representative Hugley says she anticipates law enforcement bringing any issues with the unserialized rifles to the General Assembly. Gun advocates say while home assembly of guns is nothing new, it is important to remember that a convicted felon in possession of a fire arm with or without a serial number is still illegal.

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