ISIS targeting families of soldiers

FORT BENNING, GA (WTVM) - The battle between ISIS and the U.S. is heating up beyond the traumatic recent beheadings of Americans.

Now, the new threat points toward the family members of U.S. soldiers.  The Military Times, citing the Army Threat Integration Center as its sources, says the Islamic State is calling on its followers in the United States to use social media sites to find the addresses of service members to show up at their homes and slaughter them.

We reached out to Fort Benning for comment. Elsie Jackson in media relations on post responded by saying:

"We want to caution families to very careful about not posting too much information on any social media sites. Since the war on terrorism started,  we've said don't tie yellow ribbons on trees saying-- my soldier is in Iraq. If you see anything unusual in your neighborhood, you call the authorities."

The Islamic militants are asking for lone offenders in the U.S. to also use the Yellow Pages along with sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to find the soldiers' addresses.

Jackson also added:

"You don't want to make yourself a target. In this day and age, everyone needs to be  aware of their environment and aware of any changes of where they work, go to school or live. Always be vigilant. This also goes to members of the community."

According to The Army Times, the U.S. government says as many as 300 Americans are fighting with ISIL and there is a concern that these Americans could return to the U.S. and commit attacks using the skills they learned overseas.

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