Muscogee County School District retreat

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Two new school board members adjusted into their new roles as they worked with their counterparts today, October 6, in a school board retreat.

Tonight's training was a yearly requirement that focuses on making sure board members know how to work as a team.

New members Frank Myers and John Thomas were in attendance at tonight's meeting where members were trained on their roles as leaders of the Muscogee County School Board.

The meeting was held by the Georgia School Boards Association. Tony Arasi says with such a large school board, refresher courses like this are well-needed.

"Being a school board member is very difficult in these challenging times. Muscogee is one of the large boards so there is always a challenge for the board to work closely together," says Arasi.

Some of the topics discussed today were ethics, strategic planning, and good governance as a school board member.

Each school board member is required by the state of Georgia to undergo nine hours of training each year, three hours of which the entire board has to train together.

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