Luncheon raises awareness, money for breast cancer treatment

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Efforts in the Chattahoochee Valley continue to educate women about breast cancer.

On Tuesday, Oct. 7, the Columbus Regional Health Foundation held its 12th Annual Breast Cancer Awareness Luncheon at the Columbus Convention and Trade Center.

Women came out to support other women who are battling breast cancer at the annual event.

The entryway to the event was lined with all 12 years of spotlighted cancer survivors. A raffle was also held for $5 a ticket for big ticket items like a Kitchen Aid mixer, pink bicycle and generous donated prizes from businesses around the valley.

The theme of this year's event was "Knock Out Breast Cancer," and award-winning author Celia Rivenbark was the featured speaker.

"This year's event is going to benefit the purchase of a DynaCAD software system that's going to enhance our 3D mammography as well as gown warmers for women as they come into the breast care center," said Aline Lasseter, president of Columbus Regional Health Foundation. "They'll be able to have a nice warm gown to put on during their biopsies and mammographies."

Proceeds from the luncheon benefit the women served by the Columbus Regional Health Breast Cancer Center and patients at the John B. Amos Cancer Center.

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