Desmonte Leonard's sentencing rescheduled

According to the District Attorney, the sentencing of Desmonte Leonard has been pushed back to Jan. 7, 2015. It was originally scheduled for Nov. 5.

The jury in the trial of convicted murderer Desmonte Leonard voted on his fate Thursday, Oct. 9. That afternoon, the jury recommended Leonard be sentenced to life without the possibility of parole.

The jury's poll shows five jurors voted for death and seven jurors voted for a life sentence.

"You know it's a difficult time for the family members, for the victims that survived this assault these attacks. I cannot, I have not been more proud of a group of individuals supporting us - that's why we do our work. The family they have been just magnificent, stoic and strong. It's very moving," Lee County District Attorney Robby Treece said.

The jury's recommendation comes after a morning of emotional victim impact testimony from Leonard's 11-year-old brother. The boy broke down in tears while on the stand while asking jurors to spare Leonard's life.

During his testimony, Leonard was noticeably emotional and so were jurors.

Leonard's defense attorney, Susan James, said told News Leader 9's Elizabeth White that it was the first time she saw her client emotional during the trial.

"I think he tried to stay strong when the guilty verdict came out. I saw some emotion after I went back to talk to him, but not like that. That was uh, he was overwhelmed," James said.

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