Community collects money to help Phenix City musician restore his instruments

Community collects money to help Phenix City musician restore his instruments

PHENIX CITY, AL (WTVM) - A Phenix City musician who had his instruments and his car stolen about two weeks ago says he's feeling hopeful about replacing his equipment and performing again.

Kile Hussey was robbed at gunpoint on September 23 at the Walgreens parking lot on Crawford Road in Phenix City.

Although Hussey got his car back, his microphone set, cables, and other instruments were stolen. Brent Dumler with Christ Community Church set up a fundraising account to help Hussey replace his equipment.

"That week when the robbery happened, I had to cancel everything," Hussey recalled. "It wasn't possible for me to do anything."

Hussey performs about four times a week and travels throughout the Southeast region to perform. Since the night he was robbed at gun point by two men, Hussey says he's been having trouble sleeping as well as driving at night.

"I had to cancel a lot of things," Hussey explained. "I wasn't capable of doing much, and I've ben timid about traveling. Right when I got robbed was when lot of my bills were due since it was towards the end of the month. I'm hoping to get back on the swing of things with my regular routine so I can start paying bills again."

Brent Dumler, a campus pastor at Christ Community Church in Phenix City watched Hussey's story on News Leader 9. Dumler's 19-year-old son recently had his guitar stolen at a church parking lot, so Dumler felt the need to help Hussey replace his instruments.

"The armed robbery happened at the other end of the street where our church is located," Dumler explained. "I just couldn't believe it happened so close to our campus. I can't imagine what I would feel like if the community stepped up to help me. That's why we chose to help Kile."

Dumler said most of these donors were Hussey's fans, and Hussey is grateful for everyone's support.

"It's overwhelming, I've never expected anything like this," Hussey said. "The fact that people are acknowledging me and trying to help me with my situation is more than I could ever ask for."

Dumler's goal is to raise about $3,000 but so far, he's only collected $176. Dumler is encouraging others to donate to help Hussey.

"I think if everyone pitched in donated a small amount, it could help him," Dumler said. "If you can't donate, then I think it would still help for you to spread the word. I think Phenix City is a great community, and we have the potential to be a close knit family."

"To say thank you is not enough," Hussey said. "This helped restore a lot of hope in me. Everyone in Phenix City and Columbus area have been so supportive. I'll try to keep the momentum going and find courage to perform like I used to again. To everyone that's helped me, thank you."

To donate to help Hussey restore his instruments, email Dumler at

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