WTVM 10/12/14 Editorial: White House scandals

WTVM 10/12/14 Editorial: White House scandals

(WTVM) - One of the most popular programs on television is ABC's "Scandal," the soapy show about a glamorous crisis manager who happens to be in love with the married president.

Lately it seems like that is the only story line not represented in the many recent scandals plaguing the Obama administration.

If Scandal's Olivia Pope was working in the real life White House, she'd be exhausted.

This week, the Secret Service prostitution scandal was back in the news, with a former White House travel aide now implicated in a new, deeper investigation.

That's on top of two other Secret Service scandals involving the man who jumped the White House fence and ran into the executive mansion, and the shots fired at the White House in 2011 that just came to light.

The Benghazi scandal is still percolating, the IRS scandal may never fully unravel thanks to lost emails, and the healthcare website crashes just add to the list.

If Shonda Rhimes, the enormously talented writer and creator of ABC's "Scandal," ever needs inspiration for plot lines she can just watch the news.

Every administration has scandals, but what makes events like Nixon's Watergate or Clinton's Monica Lewinsky affair qualify as scandals is because they were such over-the-top, blatant  abuses of power.

Nowadays, political scandals are so numerous they have almost lost the power to shock us.

On the other hand, these scandals give real life political fixers like the fictional Olivia Pope something special in Washington: job security.


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