Flooded home receives no help from county

Flooded home receives no help from county

PHENIX CITY, AL (WTVM) - Officials delivered little hope after a lake flooded the home of a Phenix City family.

Timothy Frost moved in the Mimosa Road home in April 2014, and every time it rains, the lake across the street overflows and heads straight for his home.

Frost says he's called on officials from Lee County, Phenix City and even developers to alleviate the headache, but has yet to see the issue resolved.

He was told by Lee County that it's the developer's problem, not theirs, because the road hasn't been turned over.

"It's like a raging river out there, it does that every time it rains," Frost explained. "A lot of the neighbors have damaged their vehicles. The other day I think I heard a car swing by and blew a tire at a pothole over here."

He said he's also worried about the kids. A large group of children had to walk through the rushing water to get to the school bus Tuesday morning, even though the road was blocked.

Frost and his wife were unable to go to work, since they've been trying to keep water out of their home since 5 a.m.

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