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SEC Releases 2015 Football Schedule

The Southeastern Conference on Tuesday announced the football schedules for all 14 SEC schools for the 2015 season.

With 13 playing weekends, the 2015 schedule includes one open date for each team and conference contests scheduled each week beginning September 12.

Each SEC team will play eight conference football games to include six games against division opponents and two games against non-division opponents.  One of the non-division opponents will be a permanent annual opponent and the other non-division opponent will rotate each year.

The Southeastern Conference announced in April the format for future football scheduling beginning in 2016 that will be a continuation of the existing format and adds a strength-of-schedule component that requires all schools to play an ACC, Big 12, Big Ten or Pac-12 opponent on an annual basis. 

For the 24th consecutive year, the 2015 season will culminate with the SEC Championship Game on Saturday, December 5 at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta.

2015 SEC Football Schedule


Sept. 3

South Carolina vs. North Carolina (Charlotte)

Sept. 5

Alabama vs. Wisconsin (Dallas)

Texas-El Paso at Arkansas

Auburn vs. Louisville (Atlanta)

New Mexico State at Florida

UL Monroe at Georgia

UL Lafayette at Kentucky

McNeese State at LSU

UT Martin at Ole Miss

Mississippi State at Southern Miss

SE Missouri State at Missouri

UAB at Tennessee (Nashville)

Texas A&M vs. Arizona State (Houston)

Western Kentucky at Vanderbilt

Sept. 12

Middle Tennessee at Alabama

Toledo at Arkansas (Little Rock)

Jacksonville State at Auburn

East Carolina at Florida

Georgia at Vanderbilt

Kentucky at South Carolina

LSU at Mississippi State

Fresno State at Ole Miss

Missouri at Arkansas State

Oklahoma at Tennessee

Ball State at Texas A&M

Sept. 19

Ole Miss at Alabama

Texas Tech at Arkansas

Auburn at LSU

Florida at Kentucky

South Carolina at Georgia

Northwestern State at Mississippi State

UConn at Missouri

Western Carolina at Tennessee

Nevada at Texas A&M

Austin Peay at Vanderbilt

Sept. 26

UL Monroe at Alabama

Texas A&M vs. Arkansas (Arlington)

Mississippi State at Auburn

Tennessee at Florida
Southern at Georgia

Missouri at Kentucky

LSU at Syracuse

Vanderbilt at Ole Miss

Central Florida at South Carolina

Oct. 3

Alabama at Georgia

Arkansas at Tennessee

San Jose State at Auburn

Ole Miss at Florida

Eastern Kentucky at Kentucky

Eastern Michigan at LSU

Mississippi State at Texas A&M

South Carolina at Missouri

Vanderbilt at Middle Tennessee

Oct. 10

Arkansas at Alabama

Florida at Missouri

Georgia at Tennessee

LSU at South Carolina

New Mexico State at Ole Miss

Troy at Mississippi State

Oct. 15

Auburn at Kentucky

Oct. 17

Alabama at Texas A&M

Florida at LSU

Missouri at Georgia

Ole Miss at Memphis

Louisiana Tech at Mississippi State

Vanderbilt at South Carolina

Oct. 24

Tennessee at Alabama

Auburn at Arkansas

Western Kentucky at LSU

Texas A&M at Ole Miss

Kentucky at Mississippi State

Missouri at Vanderbilt

Oct. 31

UT Martin at Arkansas

Ole Miss at Auburn

Florida vs. Georgia (Jacksonville)

Tennessee at Kentucky

South Carolina at Texas A&M

Vanderbilt at Houston

Nov. 5

Mississippi State at Missouri

Nov. 7

LSU at Alabama

Arkansas at Ole Miss

Auburn at Texas A&M

Vanderbilt at Florida

Kentucky at Georgia

South Carolina at Tennessee

Nov. 14

Alabama at Mississippi State

Arkansas at LSU

Georgia at Auburn

Florida at South Carolina

Kentucky at Vanderbilt

TBA at Missouri

North Texas at Tennessee

Western Carolina at Texas A&M

Nov. 21

Charleston Southern at Alabama

Mississippi State at Arkansas

Idaho at Auburn

Florida Atlantic at Florida

Georgia Southern at Georgia

UNC Charlotte at Kentucky

LSU at Ole Miss

Tennessee at Missouri

Citadel at South Carolina

Texas A&M at Vanderbilt

Nov. 28

Alabama at Auburn

Missouri at Arkansas

Florida State at Florida

Georgia at Georgia Tech

Louisville at Kentucky

Texas A&M at LSU

Ole Miss at Mississippi State

Clemson at South Carolina

Vanderbilt at Tennessee

Dec. 5

SEC Football Championship (Atlanta)



Sept. 5                    Wisconsin (Dallas)

Sept. 12                 MIDDLE TENNESSEE

Sept. 19                 OLE MISS

Sept. 26                 UL MONROE

Oct. 3                     at Georgia

Oct. 10                   ARKANSAS

Oct. 17                   at Texas A&M

Oct. 24                   TENNESSEE

Oct. 31                   Open date

Nov. 7                     LSU

Nov. 14                  at Mississippi State

Nov. 21                  CHARLESTON SOUTHERN

Nov. 28                  at Auburn


Sept. 5                    TEXAS-EL PASO

Sept. 12                 TOLEDO (Little Rock)

Sept. 19                 TEXAS TECH

Sept. 26                 Texas A&M (Arlington)

Oct. 3                     at Tennessee

Oct. 10                   at Alabama

Oct. 17                   Open date

Oct. 24                   AUBURN

Oct. 31                   UT MARTIN

Nov. 7                     at Ole Miss

Nov. 14                  at LSU

Nov. 21                  MISSISSIPPI STATE

Nov. 28                  MISSOURI


Sept. 5                    Louisville (Atlanta)

Sept. 12                 JACKSONVILLE STATE

Sept. 19                 at LSU

Sept. 26                 MISSISSIPPI STATE

Oct. 3                     SAN JOSE STATE

Oct. 10                   Open date

Oct. 15 (Thu.)        at Kentucky

Oct. 24                   at Arkansas

Oct. 31                   OLE MISS

Nov. 7                     at Texas A&M

Nov. 14                  GEORGIA

Nov. 21                  IDAHO

Nov. 28                  ALABAMA


Sept. 5                    NEW MEXICO STATE

Sept. 12                 EAST CAROLINA

Sept. 19                 at Kentucky

Sept. 26                 TENNESSEE

Oct. 3                     OLE MISS

Oct. 10                   at Missouri

Oct. 17                   at LSU

Oct. 24                   Open date

Oct. 31                   Georgia (Jacksonville)

Nov. 7                     VANDERBILT

Nov. 14                  at South Carolina

Nov. 21                  FLORIDA ATLANTIC

Nov. 28                  FLORIDA STATE


Sept. 5                    UL MONROE

Sept. 12                 at Vanderbilt

Sept. 19                 SOUTH CAROLINA

Sept. 26                 SOUTHERN

Oct. 3                     ALABAMA

Oct. 10                   at Tennessee

Oct. 17                   MISSOURI

Oct. 24                   Open date

Oct. 31                   Florida (Jacksonville)

Nov. 7                     KENTUCKY

Nov. 14                  at Auburn

Nov. 21                  GEORGIA SOUTHERN

Nov. 28                  at Georgia Tech


Sept. 5                    UL LAFAYETTE

Sept. 12                 at South Carolina

Sept. 19                 FLORIDA

Sept. 26                 MISSOURI

Oct. 3                     EASTERN KENTUCKY

Oct. 10                   Open date

Oct. 15 (Thu.)        AUBURN

Oct. 24                   at Mississippi State

Oct. 31                   TENNESSEE

Nov. 7                     at Georgia

Nov. 14                  at Vanderbilt

Nov. 21                  UNC CHARLOTTE

Nov. 28                  LOUISVILLE


Sept. 5                    McNEESE STATE

Sept. 12                 at Mississippi State

Sept. 19                 AUBURN

Sept. 26                 at Syracuse

Oct. 3                     EASTERN MICHIGAN

Oct. 10                   at South Carolina

Oct. 17                   FLORIDA

Oct. 24                   WESTERN KENTUCKY

Oct. 31                   Open date

Nov. 7                     at Alabama

Nov. 14                  ARKANSAS

Nov. 21                  at Ole Miss

Nov. 28                  TEXAS A&M


Sept. 5                    UT MARTIN

Sept. 12                 FRESNO STATE

Sept. 19                 at Alabama

Sept. 26                 VANDERBILT

Oct. 3                     at Florida

Oct. 10                   NEW MEXICO STATE

Oct. 17                   at Memphis

Oct. 24                   TEXAS A&M

Oct. 31                   at Auburn

Nov. 7                     ARKANSAS

Nov. 14                  Open date

Nov. 21                  LSU

Nov. 28                  at Mississippi State


Sept. 5                    at Southern Miss

Sept. 12                 LSU

Sept. 19                 NORTHWESTERN STATE

Sept. 26                 at Auburn

Oct. 3                     at Texas A&M

Oct. 10                   TROY

Oct. 17                   LOUISIANA TECH

Oct. 24                   KENTUCKY

Oct. 31                   Open date

Nov. 5 (Thu.)         at Missouri

Nov. 14                  ALABAMA

Nov. 21                  at Arkansas

Nov. 28                  OLE MISS


Sept. 5                    SE MISSOURI STATE

Sept. 12                 at Arkansas State

Sept. 19                 UCONN

Sept. 26                 at Kentucky

Oct. 3                     SOUTH CAROLINA

Oct. 10                   FLORIDA

Oct. 17                   at Georgia

Oct. 24                   at Vanderbilt

Oct. 31                   Open date

Nov. 5 (Thu.)         MISSISSIPPI STATE

Nov. 14                  TBA

Nov. 21                  TENNESSEE

Nov. 28                  at Arkansas


Sept. 3 (Thu.)        North Carolina (Charlotte)

Sept. 12                 KENTUCKY

Sept. 19                 at Georgia

Sept. 26                 CENTRAL FLORIDA

Oct. 3                     at Missouri

Oct. 10                   LSU

Oct. 17                   VANDERBILT

Oct. 24                   Open date

Oct. 31                   at Texas A&M

Nov. 7                     at Tennessee

Nov. 14                  FLORIDA

Nov. 21                  CITADEL

Nov. 28                  CLEMSON


Sept. 5                    UAB (Nashville)

Sept. 12                 OKLAHOMA

Sept. 19                 WESTERN CAROLINA

Sept. 26                 at Florida

Oct. 3                     ARKANSAS

Oct. 10                   GEORGIA

Oct. 17                   Open date

Oct. 24                   at Alabama

Oct. 31                   at Kentucky

Nov. 7                     SOUTH CAROLINA

Nov. 14                  NORTH TEXAS

Nov. 21                  at Missouri

Nov. 28                  VANDERBILT


Sept. 5                    Arizona State (Houston)

Sept. 12                 BALL STATE

Sept. 19                 NEVADA

Sept. 26                 Arkansas (Arlington)

Oct. 3                     MISSISSIPPI STATE

Oct. 10                   Open date

Oct. 17                   ALABAMA

Oct. 24                   at Ole Miss

Oct. 31                   SOUTH CAROLINA

Nov. 7                     AUBURN

Nov. 14                  WESTERN CAROLINA

Nov. 21                  at Vanderbilt

Nov. 28                  at LSU


Sept. 5                    WESTERN KENTUCKY

Sept. 12                 GEORGIA

Sept. 19                 AUSTIN PEAY

Sept. 26                 at Ole Miss

Oct. 3                     at Middle Tennessee

Oct. 10                   Open date

Oct. 17                   at South Carolina

Oct. 24                   MISSOURI

Oct. 31                   at Houston

Nov. 7                     at Florida

Nov. 14                  KENTUCKY

Nov. 21                  TEXAS A&M

Nov. 28                  at Tennessee

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