WTVM 10/17/14 Editorial: Travel ban would help keep Ebola out of U.S.

(WTVM) - More than two weeks ago, I shared my opinion with you that there should be a travel ban from the West African region where Ebola is almost always a death sentence.

When I wrote that editorial, Thomas Eric Duncan, the Liberian man who traveled to Dallas was still alive, and the two nurses who now have the disease were not yet infected.

Health care workers in Liberia and other African countries and now health workers in America are the most at risk for Ebola infection. Anyone who has spent any time in a hospital knows what saintly work nurses and doctors routinely perform.

The Centers for Disease Control says people at risk of catching or transmitting Ebola should not use public transportation. The latest infected nurse even called the CDC to inquire whether she should fly to Ohio to plan her upcoming wedding. The CDC said go ahead; now they say that nurse should not have travelled and all the passengers on her flight are being contacted for testing.

Yet, there is still no travel ban that could help keep Ebola out of the U.S.

The CDC talks about allowing only "controlled movement" of those exposed to the virus. There is still confusion about Ebola safety protocols.

So the question remains, why in the world do we continue to allow unrestricted travel to and from West Africa? Georgia's senators and congressmen all agree that a travel ban is a sensible response to this crisis.

But, so far, the President has not agreed, saying a flight ban could be counter-productive because patients might lie about their condition to get in.

So we urge you to call the White House or email them at

to express your support for the travel ban as one simple step to protecting U.S. citizens from exposure to Ebola.


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