Monica Lewinsky joins Twitter, battle against cyberbullying

Monica Lewinsky joins Twitter, battle against cyberbullying

(WTVM) - Monica Lewinsky could have been the first victim of cyberbullying, but on Monday she joined Twitter, stepping out as a social activist on social media.

Lewinsky, 41, joined the more than 232 million Twitter users with her first tweet: "#HereWeGo."

And yes, it is a verified Twitter account.

On Monday, Lewinsky spoke at Forbes' first 30 under 30 Summit in Philadelphia, where she began her crusade against cyberbullying by launching a "cultural revolution."

"I was Patient Zero - the first person to have their reputation completely destroyed worldwide via the internet," she said in front of 1,000 Millennials in the crowd.

Lewinsky opened her speech by saying it was only the fourth time she'd even spoken publicly. 

The former White House intern was relentlessly taunted and mocked for her affair with former President Bill Clinton in the late 1990s. She resurfaced earlier this year after writing a candid essay for Vanity Fair in May.

The essay, entitled "Shame and Survival," spoke of the 13 years following the onslaught of scrutiny following the scandal.

Since then she's become a Vanity Fair contributor, writing a second article on cyberbullying in July.

Lewinsky joining social media as a part to combat it didn't stop people from trolling her, as The Washington Post notes in a collection of tweets she received.

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