WTVM 10/23/14 Editorial: Ethics or lack thereof in politics

WTVM 10/23/14 Editorial: Ethics or lack thereof in politics

(WTVM) - The timing of a 23-count felony ethics indictment against Alabama House Speaker Mike Hubbard could not be worse.

It's only a few days before the election, and Hubbard is asking voters in his district to re-elect him and once again place their trust in his political leadership.

Hubbard deserves and will get his day in court. The actual charges against him have not been detailed except to accuse him of using his office for personal gain.

Hubbard calls it a political witch hunt and says he sleeps very well at night, thank you.

But the charges are serious because they're felonies. Hubbard has become the latest Alabama politician to face accusations that he is ethically challenged.

Former Alabama Governor Guy Hunt was forced from office after being convicted of an ethics charge. Hubbard plans to mount a vigorous defense to avoid that fate, and he is entitled to one.

But in this day and age when polls across the nation tell us politicians are not always held in the highest regard, it makes it all the more important for political leaders everywhere to make sure they don't cross the line.

Politicians, like athletes and other public figures, need to go above and beyond to avoid even the appearance of illegal behavior.

It's not too much to ask every politician to remember the words of the great UCLA basketball coach John Wooden: "The true test of a man's character is what he does when no one is watching."


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