WTVM 10/23/14 Editorial: Parental involvement essential to child's education

WTVM 10/23/14 Editorial: Parental involvement essential to child’s education

(WTVM) - Teachers want every student to succeed, but sometimes the missing link to a student's full academic life is parental involvement.

Parents are busy, it's true. Many parents think teachers are the professionals, specially trained and equipped to turn their children into classroom superstars, so they leave the teaching to the schools. That's just not smart.

Parents need to get involved early and often in their child's school life. Now, the Muscogee County School System has a special tool parents can and should use to do just that.

It's called the Parent Portal and it lets parents log in to look at their child's class work and grades.

No more hiding the report card from mom and dad. No more getting to the end of a semester only to find out Johnny's grade is so low there's no way to turn it around.

The Parent Portal lets parents monitor their child's progress so they can reinforce the importance of doing the work and getting good grades.

says about 75 percent of their parents use the new Parent Portal technology, but they want to see 100 percent participation, and that is not too much to ask.

The Parent Portal is one of many ways parents can be real education partners with their children. If they see anything to cause concern, they can set up a parent-teacher meeting to resolve it.

This is when technology works for everyone.

Take the time to be a part of your child's school day, every day. It's one of the best ways to spell success.


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