Gubernatorial candidate Jason Carter visits Columbus

More Details: Candidate Jason Carter visits Columbus

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Georgia gubernatorial candidate Jason Carter visited Columbus on Monday, Oct. 27, just eight days before the Nov. 4 election.

Carter was here as a part of his Get Out The Vote Grassroots Supporter Event.

Carter was joined by his grandparents, the Former President and First Lady Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter, GA. Rep. John Lewis and Rep. Sanford Bishop. The event took place at Emmanuel Christian Community Church on Monday.

Carter says right now he is leading the race for Georgia's top job.

Georgia's high unemployment rate of 7.9 percent compared to September's national average of 5.9 percent took center stage at Carter's Georgia Ready rally. Sen. Carter laid out Columbus' unique qualities and how those factors can play a role throughout the state.

"We've got dynamic high tech entrepreneurs here in Columbus, we've got Fortune 500 companies here in Columbus, throughout our state, we've got natural resources--you've got good leadership in this city and we've got to make sure we put those resources together in a way that makes sense," Carter said.

Carter says Georgia has no business being dead last in unemployment and in economic recovery. If elected, Carter says he will restore jobs and build a strong educational system.

Carter says his grandfather stands for faith and integrity, attributes that were passed along to him. The senator also made stops at Fort Valley State University and Macon.

Former President Jimmy Carter said at the rally that a statement from a younger Jason Carter convinced him to let his grandson come along with him on a visit with the late Nelson Mandela.

"He said 'Papa, I want to meet a man who went to prison before he was in office,'" Jimmy said about Carter, who was in the Peace Corps in South Africa at the time.

However, some took it as an incendiary joke about ethical accusations against Governor Nathan Deal.

"My grandfather is joking, the governor has already bragged about not being indicted but we do need to make sure we are putting honesty and integrity back in the governor's office," Carter said.

During his stump speech, Carter also touched on what he thinks about the governor's office and ethics.

"I think we need some," Carter said.

Carter also stressed the need for a stronger economy better educational system.

"Georgia is dead last in how fast it's recovering from the economic downtown and that means every other governor is doing a better job of generating jobs for their people than Governor Nathan Deal is," Carter said. "So what we need is to put education first."

Congressman John Lewis, an advocate for voter's rights, also spoke to the crowd of more than 200 supports.

"This brilliant young man, this gifted young man, we need him as the next Governor of the State of Georgia," Lewis stated.

Carter will be facing the Republican incumbent Gov. Nathan Deal, and the Libertarian candidate Andrew Hunt. He says he's not looking forward to a runoff in this race, and he says he expects to wake up on Nov. 5 as the next governor of Georgia.

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