Family of missing man files complaint against Chambers County sheriff

Family of missing man files complaint against Chambers County sheriff

Eric Hutchins is the attorney for the family of 41-year-old James Garner of West Point who went missing in May of 2013.

Wednesday, November 12, Hutchins filed a complaint against Chambers County Sheriff Sid Lockhart believing his team could do more to locate Garner.

"The information we got was insufficient. The only information we got was what we provided to you, which was a video of Mr. Garner leaving the jail," explains Hutchins.

Garner was released from the Chambers County Jail on May 3, 2013. He was released on a public intoxication charge after spending two days behind bars and he hasn't been heard from since.

"We are very concerned about his whereabouts. We still haven't heard a word. I mean the family is in dismay waiting for some answers," explains James' cousin, Marc Garner.

Garner's family believes the video shows James to look disheveled and unable to carry himself correctly as he left the jail.

Records show Garner received medical treatment while incarcerated.

His family wants to see video of the treatment he received in the cell; however, the county attorney says all video and documentation has been made available.

"What we're entitled to is the video and its entirety, specifically around 5:15 PM on May 1 when paramedics came there and he got sick. We want to see that video," explains Hutchins.

Both Alabama and Georgia Agencies performed a massive search effort for Garner and the Chambers County Sheriff's Department says they followed protocol on attempts to locate him.

The Garner family is hoping for closure.

"This is the second Thanksgiving he's not going to be around so we are just looking for some type of closure, some type of answers, that is all we are asking for," says Garner.

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