WTVM 11/14/14 Editorial: Pedestrian safety

WTVM 11/14/14 Editorial: Pedestrian safety

(WTVM) - When Eyiloni Bonner was

, she was one of 12 pedestrians who lost their lives the same day across the nation.

Her death is a sad statistic added to the almost 5,000 pedestrians who die on city streets every year.

Crossing a street at night is a dangerous activity. Poor lighting and speedy cars can make it deadly. Add to that dark clothing, distracted drivers and even some motorists who don't always have their lights on and it is no wonder pedestrians are at extreme risk.

But it's still up to us to be extra vigilant. Slow down. Keep a keen eye out for pedestrians - expect them to appear. That's just good defensive driving.

Even on well-lit streets or multi-lane highways, we've all seen pedestrians taking chances.

We can judge them for their choices and say they should wear bright colored clothing and not cross the street except in crosswalk, but that doesn't solve the problem.

In the end, it is up to the rest of us to do whatever we can to avoid hitting them.

Horrible accidents do happen and the death of Eyiloni Bonner is an example of that. Let's agree that she can have a legacy beyond a one or two-day story on the news.

Let's remember what happened to her and slow down, look twice and expect the unexpected.

It might just save one of those 12 pedestrians who will die somewhere else tomorrow.


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