Vote Pick Elementary for technology music video contest

Vote Pick Elementary for technology music video contest

Students and teachers at Pick Elementary School in Auburn are "shaking it off" for the chance to win thousands of dollars worth of technology prizes for their school.

It is all a part of a contest sponsored by Compass Learning, challenging students and teachers to produce music videos demonstrating how technology can enrich their classrooms.

"The teachers here, we just want to give the children the best education and best opportunities we can give and we know the way of the world now is through technology," explains Enrichment Specialist, Shelley Patterson.

Pick has been selected in the top five schools in the K-5 category from over 120 video submissions from across the nation.

"We're just really proud of our kids and our video, so it was a big honor to be chosen in the top five,” says Librarian, Deana Schnuelle.

The grand prize winner will be announced on December 10 and will walk away with nearly $58,000 in new technology hardware.

"This is enough technology that it would be if we waited six years to get all of it and six years is a lot,” explains Pick Elementary student, Ellie Shumate.

Now Pick needs your help.

All you need to do is log onto

using Firefox or Chrome has your browser.

Take 30 seconds to create an account, view the entries, and vote for the video "I Need Technology."

"We want to take them to the next level where they are creating their own products, having a voice and they are empowered to tell the world how they feel about things and through technology their voice is amplified," says Patterson.

"It would widen all out opportunities that we could do with learning because it is way more powerful than pencil and pen,” says student, Bella Thomas.

Alabama school, Lawrence County High School, has made the top five in the category grades 9-12.

Their video is titled, “Used.”

You are able to vote once day for each category until December 1.

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