Local charity CAM4U plans to help students in the community

CAM4U: A Local charity with plans to help students in the community

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - It's called CAM4U and it's a charity seeking to help under-appreciated students in the Chattahoochee Valley.

Former Kendrick High School and Columbus Tech student Cameron Freeman, 19, died four years ago in a crash when 19 people were thrown from a church van headed to a revival in Florida. His mom Carolyn Freeman started CAM4U, a charity to keep his name alive.

"On that Sunday the morning he passed he was on his way to church and he said Mom I'm going to be famous he said you'll see, one day I'm going to be able to say I told you so, I'm going to be famous, so that always stuck with me so I figured what better way to honor him by keeping his name alive so that was my main focus of keeping him alive through CAM4U," Freeman said.

Freeman says her son wasn't always an honor roll student, and  in his memory she wanted to give students like her son a push in the right direction.

His sister Freda Reese tells us her baby brother was an energetic and giving person who loved music, dancing, and poetry. She said her mom came up with the idea years ago but put her plan into action when her son passed.

"She wanted to give back to those students who were not honor roll or straight A students and kind of motivate them and the parents to let them know I understand where you're coming from because I have experienced it but that does not mean your child can't succeed," Reese said.

The family started the charity last month and hosted a kick off mixer Sunday, Nov. 16 at the Columbus Library.

"I have always had a passion for the underdog, I've always cheered for the underdog, I just feel like someone needs to be encouraging because we're not always going ot be the top achiever but we can always do our best," Freeman said.

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