3 gadgets to help fight seasonal depression

3 gadgets to help fight seasonal depression

(WTVM) - If you are finding yourself beginning to get those holiday blues, don't worry, there's an gadget for that.

Here are three gadgets that claim to help combat the wintertime blues, according to product website Smart Home Reviewed. Many of these gadgets help our circadian rhythms, or our body clocks.

The first gadget is the Re-Timer glasses, developed by sleep psychologists from Flinders University in Australia. The glasses are outfitted with LEDs that stimulate the brain, and are supposed to synchronize our circadian rhythm, which can be thrown off due to the dark months of winter. However, they do not come cheap - they can be purchased online for $299.

Next, is the Philips Light Therapy Wake-Up Light, which mocks sunlight. Available online from $129.95, it comes to light 30 minutes before you wake up and gets brighter until you get out of bed. It does the reverse when you go to bed at night. According to Philips, an independent research study found that 92 percent of users say they felt happier and more energized after using the Wake-Up Light.

The final gadget to cure your seasonal blues is the Carex Health Brands Day-Light Classic. This light is very tall and towers over your head. Studies have demonstrated that light therapy is less effective when light sources only reach the top of a person's retinas. This light also uses circadian rhythm and leads to healthier sleep cycles and increased levels of sserotonin

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