Drive-thru church offers 2-minute services in California

Drive-thru church offers 2-minute services in California

FREMONT, CA (KPIX/CNN) – Ever feel the urge to go to church, but don't have the time?

You can now get your divine inspiration from a drive-thru in Fremont, CA. And for some, they think of it as God – on the go.

"You know, I've always seen drive-thru food, drive-thru coffee, and why not drive-thru God," Fr. Mathew Vallankal of Holy Spirit Catholic Church in Fremont, CA said.

Can he get an Amen?

From 5 p.m. to 6 p.m., as residents head home or run their afternoon errands, they can stop by and pray with these church volunteers and be back on their way.

Father Vallankal says in this case he know it's not quality but quantity.

"It's not always the drive thru coffee or the drive thru food is the best, but it's the most convenient," Father Vallankal said.

On the first night it was open, cars lines the streets to get a quick order of Hail Mary or an Our Father

"I think it's really nice – it's very convenient, obviously," drive-thru visitor Jacqueline Ramacciotti said.

Drive-thru parishioner Monica Slivinsky said it's refective of our world, and she doesn't have a problem with the "God on the go" concept.

"It's kind of the world we live in," Slivinsky said. "Sometimes, not everyone has the time to spend an hour in Mass on a daily basis, so spending some time to pray with other people, I think is very empowering."

Holy Spirit Church is Catholic, but Father Vallankal says all denominations are welcome.

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