Immigration numbers decreasing in GA, US numbers remain the same

Immigration numbers decreasing in GA, US numbers remain the same

(WTVM) - A recently published report shows that while illegal immigration numbers remain high nationally, numbers for Georgia are decreasing.

According to a report by the

, in 2010 immigrants consisted of 4.4 percent or 425,000 of Georgia's population. In another

report, Georgia is listed as one of 14 states where illegal immigrant populations have decreased.

The U.S. population of immigrants increased to about 11.7 million in 2012 from 11.5 million in 2011. Immigrants from Mexico are the largest group of undocumented immigrants with a population of 52 percent in 2012; however recently Mexican immigrants have decreased higher than the general population.

In 2009, the immigration population in Georgia was 425,000 and by 2012 the population was 400,000 immigrants. This includes children with unauthorized immigrant parents.

While there has been a decrease in Mexican immigrants, this has also dropped the immigration population in Georgia. In lieu of the Mexican immigrants population is decreasing, populations of Asians, Central American and the Caribbean have increased according to the Pew Hispanic Center.

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"This is clearly not decision-making designed around the best policy - it's Washington politics at its worst," Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-KY.

While there is controversy with President Obama's decision to enact via executive order, the White House is hoping something will be done by the end of the year.

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