Phenix City couple forced to euthanize dog following pit bull attack

Phenix City couple forced to euthanize dog following pit bull attack

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - A Phenix City couple is pleading for Alabama dog laws to change after their two small dogs were attacked by pit bulls on Saturday night, and one of the dogs had to be put down from her injuries.

"They attacked her, hopefully she didn't feel anything it was a three minute kill, three-minute shake and kill, it wasn't even that and then his turn he went to his sisters rescue, thank god they didn't kill him too," recalled Dixie McElroy.

Paul Rowe, a war veteran, and his wife Dixie McElroy, a breast cancer survivor, say they're still in shock.

The couple tells us this happened when the two pit bulls jumped their back fence.

"And that's when she saw the two pit bulls mauled our little 8-pound Maltipoo and she started screaming as soon as she started screaming our other little dog Ryder took off after the dogs," Rowe said.

The couple took Harley and Ryder to the animal hospital. The vet told them there was nothing they could do for Harley, so she had to be euthanized.

Their Chiwinee Ryder went into surgery for four hours, leaving the hospital with close to 200 stitches.

The Russell County Sheriff's office says because it was a dog on dog fight and the animals were back at home when they showed up, legally they can't take the home owner's property.

Rowe says Alabama needs stricter laws for dogs.

"They have to hold the dog owner accountable. They have too a $15 fine so what the dogs got out, so what you killed a part of our family," McElroy said.

The couple now has close to $2,000 in veterinarian bills.

If you would like to help the family, head over to their Facebook page at this link.

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