Student speaks out about confrontation with Phenix City police officer

Student speaks about confrontation with Phenix City police officer

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - A 17-year-old student is speaking up about a fight with a Phenix City police officer.

The incident happened last Friday, November 14, during the Central versus Prattville playoff high school football game.

According to police, Phenix City officers were attempting to move a large number of people back from a railing that separated the football field from the stands near the end of the game. That's when the alleged confrontation took place between the officer and juvenile.

Pepper spray was used to help remove the juvenile from the football stadium.

"He turned around and started watching the game. He is still in front of me and the girl behind me started talking to me. So I turned around. We're now back to back, and then I am having a conversation with her. Then he says 'Hey son'. So I turned around and said 'Yes sir?' and he goes 'You push me one more time'. I said 'I didn't push you'. And at that point is when he grabbed me here and pushed me back like that," says Cameron Rader, the juvenile that was pepper sprayed.

The teen was not charged with any crime. The police officer released him to Prattville High School's principal after the incident.

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