Columbus Police Department promotes 16 officers

Columbus Police Department promotes 16 officers


COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - The Columbus Police Department announced on Friday, Nov. 21 a number of promotions will be conveyed on 16 experienced officers.

Below are the promotions of the officers:

  • Captain John D. Hawk to Major
  • Captain Freddie D. Blackmon to Major
  • Lieutenant Tony C. Danford to Captain
  • Lieutenant James A. Pope to Captain
  • Sergeant Thomas C. Dent to Lieutenant
  • Sergeant Tony A. Little to Lieutenant
  • Corporal David J. Jury to Sergeant
  • Corporal Alicia Hoover to Sergeant
  • Officer Dustin Allen to Corporal
  • Officer Daniel Dawson to Corporal
  • Officer Douglas Dunlap to Corporal
  • Officer Jose Marrero to Corporal
  • Officer Pricilla Meeks to Corporal
  • Officer Delante Odom to Corporal
  • Officer Derick Solt to Corporal
  • Officer Nathan Tooley to Corporal

There are three ceremonies taking place to recognize the promotion of officers. Congratulations to all the officers!

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