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Grand jury break down for Ferguson

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Nearly 4,000 pages of grand jury documents were released Monday, including Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson's full testimony.

Wilson's testimony described the scuffle in his patrol car and recognizing the cigars in Michael Brown's hand as possibly being connected to a report of a convenience store robbery earlier that Aug. 8 day.

Now that the transcripts of testimony Officer Darren Wilson told a grand jury has been made public - and the country is responding.

Some of the dramatic testimony Wilson told the grand jury stated quote: "This guy is going to kill me." Wilson went on to say during testimony, "Trying to subdue Michael Brown was like fighting Hulk Hogan."

Another witness backs Wilson's account saying, "Michael turned around and started charging towards the officer."

More of Wilson's testimony read: "He couldn't let Brown escape when he ran. He still posed a threat, not only to me, to anybody else that confronted him."

Then a grand juror asked Wilson, "Did you ever think, OK maybe he don't have a gun, I need to stop shooting?"

Wilson answered, "I wasn't thinking about that at the time"

A grand juror also asked Officer Wilson, "Why didn't he drive away?"

Wilson responded, "We're trained not to run from a threat. That never entered my mind to flee." Wilson was also asked by a grand juror "whether he shot Brown when his back was turned," Wilson answered, "No, I did not."

Wilson testified he didn't have a taser and the department only has one.

A total of 12 jurors were present for every session and they heard over 70 hours of testimony including three medical examiners before deciding not to indict Officer Darren Wilson.

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