St. Louis native speaks about destructive aftermath

(WTVM) - The Ferguson, Missouri aftermath is far reaching from ground zero to right here at home. Many Ferguson businesses went up in smoke Monday night after the grand jury's decision was announced not to indict Officer Darren Wilson.

One day later, those living near the area are disappointed by the destruction.  Track coach, Desmonsur Burch,from a Ferguson High School, also works with troubled youth. We spoke with me via Skype. He talked about the mood in his hometown one day after the mayhem.

"They're angry, upset, there's a lot of energy. Right before I came in to get on Skype with you, I was three blocks from where he got shot at and they're still not letting us in that area right now, but it's a lot of people starting to gather as the night approaches," stated Burch.

Robyn Robinson, my sister-in-law, grew up in St. Louis and later moved to the Ferguson and Florissant area. I noticed her reaction was definitely more personable than our view as we watched it together. She also went to college with Michael Brown's relatives.

As we saw the looting and certain buildings being set on fire, she would say..."No, not that place. Please, don't do that."

"To see stores that I shopped at as a young girl, these store owners were really just reaching out to black, white, it didn't matter what race—they reached out to us as young people and to see their stores blow up in flames and our own culture burn it up, it's embarrassing.

Robinson and Burch say they are hoping for calm and peace Tuesday night.

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