Protesters rally all over the nation following Ferguson decision

Protesters rally all over the nation following Ferguson decision

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - All over the nation, people are holding peaceful rallies in response to the decision out of Ferguson Missouri including New York, Cincinnati - where there were 10 arrests - and Atlanta, where protestors formed a human chain to temporarily shut down part of the I-75 I-85 corridor.

People in Columbus also gathered at the City Service Center on Macon Road to hold a vigil for shooting victim Michael Brown.

Roughly 20 attended the peaceful event, which got loud at times, with several passionate speakers giving their take on the Ferguson shooting that left an unarmed black teenage dead.

"Then I say hold on a little longer! Then Mike Brown is layed out on the street like an animal! Then this young brother says to me how long do you want me to hold on," says Ed DuBose of the Georgia NAACP.

Leaders with the Georgia NAACP, who were at this Columbus event, listed numerous victims in similar incidents and say it's a tragedy that the Ferguson officer was made into a "victim" in this case.

Other speakers at the vigil say today's youth need to get more involved in social causes like this, to prevent future tragedies.

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