Columbus mother held at gunpoint relies on faith, spiritual strength to overcome ordeal

Columbus mother held at gunpoint relies on faith, spiritual strength to overcome ordeal

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - A terrifying ordeal for a Columbus woman unfolded two weeks ago after she left a New Horizons fundraiser featuring Hall of Famer Frank Thomas as the guest speaker.

While on the phone with her mother, sharing their thoughts about Thomas' well-spoken speech, the unthinkable happened. Suddenly, the mother-daughter conversation turned chaotic as the 33-year old woman walked up to the door of her north Columbus apartment.

Three seconds after ringing the doorbell for her 14-year-old to let her in, a gunman yelled, "Give me your purse!" With a gun pointed towards her head, the woman who wants to remain anonymous stated, "I knew this was serious business."

The teen standing on the other side of the door heard her mother screaming and knew something is terribly wrong, but she didn't open the door. "She said, 'mom the spirit told me not to open the door and I kicked the door to let you know I was waiting on a sign from you.'"

It's an unusually smart and clever reaction from a teen who could have tried to take matters into her own hands to help save her mother.

Meanwhile, the victim's mother is frantically driving from River Road to Veterans Parkway to find what has happened.

"As I got closer, I could hear sirens and saw blue lights everywhere as I got to the complex and I had no idea what was going on," recalled the victim's mother.

Praying all the way there during the seven-minute drive, she was relieved to know that her daughter had not been shot and was in fact okay.

Her neighbors who also heard the antagonizing screams came out of their apartments to see what they could do to help. One of the neighbors even chased the robber after he fell with the purse, but he couldn't catch him.

"I had lots of angels that night," said the victim. But, she is also taking this incident  an opportunity to learn what God has in store for her because she believes, with him sparing her life…there is definitely a greater plan and purpose for her life.

"I was like if it had not been for you and your peace at that moment, for your peace and your infinite knowledge of this greater plan, where would I be."

She also says she's forgiven the man who held her at gunpoint and disrupted the peace for a moment.

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