Guest Dr. Albert Eaton discusses holiday stress, depression

Guest Dr. Albert Eaton discusses holiday stress, depression

(WTVM) - The holiday season often brings unwelcome guests - stress and depression. However, with some practical tips, you can minimize the stress that accompanies the holidays.

Dr. Albert Eaton, Director of Behavioral Science at Columbus Regional Health, visited our studio Tuesday to discuss this important issue.

"We have incredible expectations – the food's got to be perfect, the drinks have to be perfect, people have to be perfect, you have to dress perfectly – it's impossible," Dr. Eaton said. "It just doesn't happen that way, and when we realize that, we accept it a little bit more, we're a lot happier. We can sit back and enjoy the family and friends. But some other things get us in trouble too. We have these expectations that will fix all family problems. Sometimes we overindulge food and alcohol and that creates other problems, and people can feel very alone and depressed."

"Sit back and have some realistic expectations," he advised. "There's good enough, not perfect. Sit back and look at what it really is you want to accomplish this holiday season. If you know somebody who needs a friend, be a friend. If somebody needs to talk, listen. If they're really in trouble and they start talking suicide, get them to the hospital."

Check out his full interview in the video clip above.

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