Veteran reacts to Stolen Valor caught on tape

Alleged False Valor caught on camera

(WTVM) - An act of alleged Stolen Valor, or impersonating a member of the U.S. military in public, has been a major trending topic on YouTube, and new one was captured on Nov.28 - Black Friday. 

The viral video, seen more than 3 million times, shows Army veteran and Purple Heart recipient Ryan Berk calling out a man claiming to be a Staff Sergeant and U.S. Army Ranger, possibly getting a military discount while Black Friday shopping. 

Berk even asked the man, identified as Sean Yetman, where he trained. When Fort Benning was not his answer, even though Rangers go to basic training on Post. Berk was immediately suspicious and dressed Yetman down in the video encounter. 

A former Marine at Ranger Joe's says this is upsetting. 

"It does a disservice for everyone of us that have served and quite frankly he's a piece of trash, anybody that would make those claims and not back them up I dont have much time for them unless you got one of these or one of these right here i got no time for you," Doc Hollomon said. 

Military uniforms are easily accessible at stores across the nation including thrift stores for a low price.

It is not illegal to wear a uniform that's not yours but it is illegal according to the 2013 Stolen Act of Valor law to try and get money, property, or other tangible benefit by falsely claiming to be in the military. 

Officials on post tell me as far as awards go he is not on the list of 324 at the National Infantry Museum with three combat infantry badges.

Sources say Yetman could be facing charges but it's not clear if he actually got the military discount while shopping. 

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