WTVM 12/5/14 Editorial: Hamby twins funeral

WTVM 12/5/14 Editorial: Hamby twins funeral

(WTVM) - A set of rare, conjoined twins were born last week – the Hamby twins, whose parents live in Phenix City.

They had unwavering faith in God and viewed the miracle of the twins' birth as a gift.

But the boys, Asa and Eli, who shared a torso, one heart and fused lungs only lived for hours.

Their parents, Robin and Michael Hamby, never entertained any alternative to the boys' birth. Raising conjoined twins would have been a life-altering challenge, but the Hamby family was always been open about welcoming their sons no matter how long or short their lives might be.

That kind of faith is rare these days.

It would be easy for anyone to feel burdened by such an enormously difficult situation as a conjoined twin pregnancy, much less the expensive realities of the boys' medical and psychological condition, have the twins lived, would have presented to a young family.

But they Hamby's handled the joy of the boy's birth and then the sadness of their loss with grace.

In the end, it was not the Christmas miracle they had hoped for.

But their "miracle babies" unlikely fight to come into the world in the first place shows the true measure of parental love and how their deep, personal faith in God gave them the courage to handle both life and death.


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