Senator Tom Whatley arrested for domestic violence

Senator Tom Whatley arrested for domestic violence

Senator Tom Whatley of Auburn was arrested Tuesday, December 9, and charged with third-degree domestic violence by the Auburn Police Division.

The Lee County Sheriff's Office confirms, Whatley spent a mandatory 12 hours in the Lee County Detention Center and was released on a $500 bond.

Whatley was elected to the Alabama Senate in 2010 and since then has represented Lee, Russell and Tallapoosa counties.

He was reelected to Senate District 27 last month.

According to statements released by Whatley as well as the alleged victim, Whatley's fiance Lindsay Waits, the incident was a misunderstanding.

Whatley states that police were in his neighborhood because of a report of a homeless person sleeping in the area and they overheard Whatley and Waits have a discussion on the back porch.

Waits states the police were nearby, heard the discussion and came even though they were not called by the couple nor neighbors for assistance.

Both Whatley and Waits insist they were not violent toward one another and they have a loving relationship.

Whatley is being represented by Auburn attorney, Don Eddins, who calls this an unfortunate situation and says the matter will now be taken through the normal legal process.

Auburn police says their policy is to not comment on allegations and/or charges related to domestic violence.

The incident report was not made available to us before our deadline.

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