McDonald's to introduce 'build-your-own burger' option, menu changes

McDonald's to introduce 'build-your-own burger' option, menu changes

(WTVM) – With U.S. sales declining,

announced on Monday that they are making some major changes.

The fast-food giant is cutting a few menu items and


"We are working to bring the McDonald's experience of the future to life for our customers to better deliver against these evolving expectations," McDonald's President and CEO Don Thompson said.

In the new push to customize the customer's experience, the fast food chain will allow customers to use in-store iPads to select everything from their bun type, to which cheese or sauce they prefer.

The new customization will cost customers time and a few more dollars; the new custom-made burger with fries and a medium soda will cost $8 instead of $5 for the regular value meals.


s on Wednesday.

The change will allow customers to choose: beef or chicken, bun type, cheese, toppings (including new items such as guacamole and grilled onions, as well as sauce.

McDonald's also says that they will be reducing the number of Extra Value Meals from 16 to 11.

McDonald's is not the only restaurant to revamp its menu in recent months. Pizza Hut has also recently changed its menu by adding new pizzas and toppings with their

menu, like Peruvian cherry peppers and spinach, and has also introduced a variety of sauces, like honey Sriracha.

Only time will tell if customers will like the new change of waiting for a fresher custom burger.

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