Funeral services held for conjoined twins

Funeral services held for conjoined twins

Funeral services were held this evening for the Ladonia conjoined twins who died last week in Atlanta.

Funeral services for Asa and Eli were held at Ladonia Baptist church in Phenix City.

The twins were born at Northside hospital in Atlanta.

They were born attached to the torso, arms and legs and could not be separated because they shared the same heart and circulatory system.

Michael Hamby, the twins' father, says the bullying he endured as a child for being deaf gave him the strength for this ordeal. He also says the love the boys had for one another needs to be shared.

"We have to be good to one another and love one another as they did. And you have to put that word out and tell everyone," says Hamby.

During the service, the family shared pictures of the boys following their birth.

Hamby says the boys' struggle to live has softened the hearts of people around the world and has brought them all together.

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