Officer arrest caught on video at Peachtree Mall

Officer arrest caught on video at Peachtree Mall

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - A Columbus police officer is being investigated for a situation that quickly turned troublesome at Peachtree Mall on Sunday morning.

With the holiday release of the new Air Jordans, crowds started lining up as early as 5 a.m. to purchase them, but things escalated as police officers tried to disperse the crowd.

News Leader 9's Roslyn Giles obtained the exclusive video of the encounter between the man and the officer, which was recorded by a bystander. The cell phone video shows an officer handcuffing a man.

A portion of the video's transcript is as follows:

Officer: "Y'all need to go now."

Bystander: "I go to school for criminal justice."

Officer: "Go now, I hope you graduate."

Bystander: "I am, I go to Columbus State and I work at total systems."

Officer: "I don't care where you go."

In an instant, the officer asked the crowd if anyone else wanted to go jail after running up behind the man and handcuffing him. 

WTVM sent the video to CPD supervisors and spoke with Major J.D. Hawk, who heads up the patrol division.

"Just based on some of the demeanor or the actions of the officer... you got to remember the officers are human," Maj. Hawk said. "It was kind of a rowdy event going on and the officer should have composed himself in a better manner."

Hawk said the crowd became so disorderly, the manager of Footlocker asked everyone to leave. Some people then started to act out.

"In the video, the officer told the crowd to leave the property. The individual in the video was leaving but he decided to turn around and make a comment to the general public. At that time, the officer arrests him for failing to leave the property as he is told," explained Hawk.

The unidentified man was not charged. Peachtree Mall has also decided not to prosecute, according to Hawk. 

The officer is still on the job during the investigation. Peachtree Mall would not comment on the ordeal.

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