Muscogee County Tax Assessor's Office is going digital

The Muscogee County Tax Assessor's Office is going digital

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - The Muscogee County Tax Assessor's Office has started their large scale imaging project, and the office is taking a new age approach to its work.

The upgrade will include digital pictures of homes and business across the Valley; this is the first time Muscogee county tax assessor's office has ever done digital imaging.

Chief Appraiser Betty Middleton said that crews in vans, used for imaging and data collection, will be going to each Muscogee County home to photograph improvements needed on their properties.

Middleton says the images are to collect information to update and upgrade their systems without compromising the residents' privacy. She also added that the crew members will have visible identification when on the job.

"If there is someone in the yard or children playing, they will skip that parcel for that time and come back later when there is nothing there," Middleton said. "It will be images with only the improvements on it and not any of the citizens' pictures out there."

Middleton said the upgrade can help homeowners if they need to make insurance claims in the future.

"Should we have a tragedy, or someone lost their home to a catastrophic event like a fire, we will have a current picture for them to use whenever they're ready to file their claims," Middleton said.

The imaging project is expected to be done by March of 2015, with delays possible because of weather. By 2017, a final review of Muscogee County data should be completed.

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