$80K drug bust in Chambers County

Chambers County drug bust

(WTVM) – There was a drug bust in Chambers County early Tuesday morning and according to the video the SWAT team members were breaking down the door of the suspect.

As a result, agents say $80,000 worth of marijuana plants will soon be destroyed and a sophisticated marijuana grow room is finished.

With guns drawn and shields up, members of the Chambers County SWAT team broke into a suspected drug maker's home off of Lee Road 222 in Lanett.

Once inside, agents find 49-year old David Klehn - he had been sleeping - and arrest him.

Agents say the entire second floor of Klehn's home was dedicated to growing marijuana.

"This was about to become a full scale distribution operation he had all the equipment and scales to weigh so thankful our agent got it stopped before that happened in this part of the county" Sgt. Stacy Shirley says.

Members of the Chambers County Drug Task forced discovered 41 marijuana plants in various stages of growth, 2 large bags of cut marijuana, several guns and ammunition.

Agents say Klehn was a sophisticated grower, who worked for a year to establish his grow.

Sgt. Shirley continues, "This is not your everyday person knows how to manufacture marijuana, it's not like a tomato plant you throw some water on it and it grows, it takes time a patience to deal with."

Agents say it appears Klehn was living alone, they do not expect to make any more arrests..

The plants, with a street value of nearly $80,000 will be destroyed.

"If each plant can yield about a half to a pound of home grown marijuana, it will be about 1600-2000 per pound, that's a pretty good bit of money."

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